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HOME Token

What is the HOME token?

A HOME token is a cryptocurrency that can be earned or purchased, converted into fiat, or utilized across other entities like Blimp Homes who share the same vision as the Home Network Foundation.

Why should I earn HOME tokens?

Why not get rewarded in crypto for doing what you already do? Home exploration shouldn’t be a one-way street where you give up personal information with nothing in return. Take back your share of the transaction with the HOME token.

The HOME token was created by the Home Network Foundation as a reward mechanism to fairly direct value across each transaction and throughout the industry as a whole, and to build a decentralized stakeholder-led community.

How do I earn HOME tokens?


Earn HOME tokens by registering for an account and filling out the 1-min Home Network Foundation Survey.

Consumers and professionals can continue to earn HOME tokens as they engage with dApps like Blimp Homes within the Home Network Foundation's ecosystem.

Do I need to have HOME TOKENS to use Blimp’s website?

No, you can still access and explore the Blimp Homes website without having HOME tokens.

For more information around initial planned consumer and professional use cases, check out the Home Network Foundation’s whitepaper.